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Ieva Simonaitytė Public Library of Klaipėda County   

  In 2010 the Library celebrated its 60th anniversary. The main purpose of the Library is to become a a preserver of the national culture and heritage, and provide universal access to information.

 The Library has a collection comprising 989 310 items . Over new 21 000 readers are registered every year. People are attracted to the library because of the possibility to use the Internet. The use of computers increases over 200 000 users per year. There are around 400 cultural events and exhibitions organized every year. Guided tours are regularly set up to introduce people to the Library's building and services. The Library's staff numbers 99 including 68 librarians.

  There was a new library building set up in 2006. The Library became a leading cultural centre not only withinin Klaipėda, but also the entire region. The Library is a methodical centre serving the Tauragė, Kretinga, Klaipėda, Jurbarkas, Pagėgiai, Šilute, Skuodas and Šilalė Districts.

  In addition to performing basic social functions, the Ieva Simonaitytė Public Library of Klaipėda County is actively involved in the community by preparing various cultural events and meetings. This Library is one of the five county libraries in Lithuania which has been evaluated for its transformation from a treasury of books to a viable and open cultural, heritage digitization and information centre .

  Since 2010 the Library has been participating in the project „Development of the Virtual Electronic Heritage System". The library has a digitization centre equipped with software and hardware. The Library has already managed to digitize 8000 unique heritage objects including more than 6000 negatives and photographs from the Bernardas Aleknavičius collection. This collection reflects the Soviet period of 1960-90 in the life of the city of Klaipėda: photos of performances of the Klaipėda Drama Theater, city festivals, business activities of Klaipėda's seaport and portraits of various personalities .

  The Library also digitized marine charts (200 objects) from the collections of the sea captains Žydrūnas Naujokas and Povilas Baronas. In Soviet times, sailors only had general charts, so they had to record their own extra charts by hand to indicate the reefs. Many of the charts were with pictures, comments, poetry and even some of them with Soviet symbols.

  Some 1400 issues of the first post-war newspaper of the city of Klaipėda Raudonasis švyturys (1945-50) that is becoming a rarity have been digitized.

Projektas „Virtualios elektroninio paveldo sistemos plėtra“ įgyvendintas pagal VP2 Ekonomikos augimo veiksmų programą
Projektas „Lietuvių literatūros klasikos kūrinių perkėlimas į elektroninę erdvę“ įgyvendintas Ekonomikos augimo VP3 prioriteto „Informacinė visuomenė visiems“ lėšomis