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Kaunas County Public Library

   The Kaunas County Public Library is the biggest state universal library in Lithuania's Midlands. It also serves as the centre for methodology, bibliography, information, preservation and access of the documentary cultural heritage for libraries of the Kaunas and Marijampolė Counties. The Library coordinates the libraries' activities, organizes events and implements mutual projects as well as preserves, manages and investigates the documentary culture heritage and creates multiple ways of its access.

  The Library participates in both national and international projects and is actively involved in disseminating information and preparing publications about the historical and cultural heritage of the Kaunas Region. It also produces a wide range of different virtual products (electronic reference books, bibliographies and exhibitions), prepares an interactive newsletter and has an active blog. It interacts with users via several social networks. Every year it introduces some new electronic services.

  Currently the Library has 18 structural units and 202 employees; 144 of them are professional librarians. There are about 20 thousand registered Library users served per year and more than 700 readers served daily. The Library holds a documentary collection of over 2 million publications on various subjects in Lithuanian and major foreign languages.

  The Kaunas County Public Library performs some functions of a national library being the only such library in the County. For more than half a century it has been committed to preserving the second, i.e. archival, copy of the national press. It also participates in preparing the national retrospective bibliography.

  Since 2010 the Library has been taking part in the project "Development of the Virtual Electronic Heritage System". During the project 3555 objects and more than 80,000 document pages (images) were digitized and delivered onto the portal epaveldas.lt. Among cultural heritage objects intended to be digitized are these:

The Old and Rare Prints Department: books from the 16th-17th centuries in Latin and Polish, publications of Lithuania Minor, publications and periodicals from 1900-40, small publications, collections of Augustinas Janulaitis and Petras Šalčius, and manuscripts;
The Art Department: old Lithuanian postcards and photos, and catalogues of Lithuanian art exhibitions;
Music Department: printed music publications;
The Kaunas Studies Reading Room at the Information Services Department: the manuscript collection of Pranas Juozapavičius.
More about Kaunas County Public Library projects. 

Projektas „Virtualios elektroninio paveldo sistemos plėtra“ įgyvendintas pagal VP2 Ekonomikos augimo veiksmų programą
Projektas „Lietuvių literatūros klasikos kūrinių perkėlimas į elektroninę erdvę“ įgyvendintas Ekonomikos augimo VP3 prioriteto „Informacinė visuomenė visiems“ lėšomis