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Lithuanian Art Museum

   The Lithuanian Art Museum is a national budgetary institution responsible for the collection, preservation, research, conservation, restoration, and promotion of art treasures of national significance. The founder of the museum is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.
As of 1 January 2012, the Museum's collections comprised 232 717 items.


• adjusting collection and preservation of cultural valuables with communication, provision information to the public and social education;
• ensuring preservation of cultural heritage in accordance with the society's cultural needs and provision of cultural services;
• protection and fostering of the national cultural identity and sustaining its currency;
• promotion of openness of the national culture;
• development of the information society.

Development of Virtual Electronic Heritage System (VEPS) 

    Within this project, the Lithuanian Art Museum very much focuses on the exhibits of folk art and applied art. Among the objects being digitized, are traditional folk sculptures, furniture made by folk craftsmen, ceramic and woodware items as well as objects from the Museum‘s abundant collection of old folk textile gathered during folk art expeditions in the post-war period. Applied art collections that will be presented to the public include some glass, porcelain and metal exhibits. The museum possesses rich collections of furniture, numismatic objects, and clocks as well as valuable collections of fine-art photography and painting. The total number of objects digitized the project will be 12 500.  

Projektas „Virtualios elektroninio paveldo sistemos plėtra“ įgyvendintas pagal VP2 Ekonomikos augimo veiksmų programą
Projektas „Lietuvių literatūros klasikos kūrinių perkėlimas į elektroninę erdvę“ įgyvendintas Ekonomikos augimo VP3 prioriteto „Informacinė visuomenė visiems“ lėšomis