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The Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum

  The Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum was established in 1926. It is a republic museum, state budget institution collecting, preserving, investigating, restoring and popularizing theatre, music and cinema exhibits which are of utmost significance to the national culture. As of 1 January 2012, the Museum held 383 994 exhibits.


• adjusting collecting, protection and research of theatre, music and theatre arts heritage preserved at the Museum to social education and provision of information to the public;
• ensuring preservation of theater, music and film heritage in accordance with society's cultural and educational needs and provision of cultural services;
• development of the information society.

Development of Virtual Electronic Heritage System (VEPS)

  During the project "Development of Virtual Electronic Heritage System" the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum presented in the electronic space museum exhibits covering the period from the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. 8300 objects have been digitalized under this project: programmes of theatre performances, concerts and other events, photos of State Theatre performances, design sketches by Mstislavas Dobužinskis and cinema history documents..

Projektas „Virtualios elektroninio paveldo sistemos plėtra“ įgyvendintas pagal VP2 Ekonomikos augimo veiksmų programą
Projektas „Lietuvių literatūros klasikos kūrinių perkėlimas į elektroninę erdvę“ įgyvendintas Ekonomikos augimo VP3 prioriteto „Informacinė visuomenė visiems“ lėšomis