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Search for historical places, personal names and periods of Lithuania

  The Virtual Electronic Heritage System (VEPS) is an enormous wealth of digital objects, created under the governance of the Lithuanian cultural heritage digitization, digital preservation and access strategy. VEPS portal provides quick and convenient access to thousands of works for all who are interested in art, books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, sound recordings. All this together creates an unique, rich and vivid panorama of Lithuanian cultural heritage.

  Integral Thesaurus of historical places, personal names and historical chronology is deployed in VEPS. It serves not only as a rich knowledge base, but also as an effective tool for semantic search of Virtual Eelectronic Heritage System.

Projektas „Virtualios elektroninio paveldo sistemos plėtra“ įgyvendintas pagal VP2 Ekonomikos augimo veiksmų programą
Projektas „Lietuvių literatūros klasikos kūrinių perkėlimas į elektroninę erdvę“ įgyvendintas Ekonomikos augimo VP3 prioriteto „Informacinė visuomenė visiems“ lėšomis