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What is a Solution Architect?

A solution architect is accountable for the layout of 1 or greater packages or offerings inside an organization, and is commonly a part of an answer improvement group. He or she should have a balanced blend of technical and commercial enterprise skills, and could frequently paintings with an corporation architect for strategic direction. The important recognition is at the technical selections being made concerning the answer and the way they effect the commercial enterprise outcomes. The relaxation of the improvement group will then use the statistics to put in force the answer.
A solution architect desires considerable human beings and procedure skills. They are frequently in the front of management, seeking to provide an explanation for a complicated hassle in laymen's terms. They must discover approaches to mention the identical element the usage of extraordinary phrases for extraordinary varieties of audiences, and in addition they want to truely recognize the commercial enterprise' techniques to be able to create a cohesive imaginative and prescient of a usable product.
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