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Become a computer scientist without having a diploma: dream or reality?

However, being self-taught is a possible option in order to access certain professions, such as: web developer , cybersecurity expert or PC assembler. You can, for example: read specialized books on programming or the functioning of network systems in order to learn techniques and methods. There are also websites that provide video or MOOC tutorials to familiarize you with the practice. It is also possible to follow a training within an online learning platform. If you take up the exercises with flying colors, some sites can recommend you to partner companies that are recruiting! Finally, it will be possible to participate in an “Open Source” project on the web to correct errors or develop new functionalities.
Efficient self-training, however, requires a lot of diligence and flawless persistence. Many people give up along the way.
To go faster, creating apps yourself can be a great solution. By doing so, you will make yourself known to potential recruiters. Your creations will reflect your skills! In addition, having a specific project that inspires you and sharing the same vision as a business are assets that will work in your favor during a job interview. It is possible to offer your know-how as a freelance or auto-entrepreneur.
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