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New Security Solutions from Cisco

Cisco has introduced a number of security solutions designed to strengthen data centers against the threats of a unified and virtual work environment, while enabling businesses to take advantage of new cloud-based models. Overall, the new solutions extend the power of data centers and enhance the security of both high-performance installations and out-of-office staff. Solutions include new, fully upgraded software for the world's most widely developed firewall, the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA).

Cisco is also expanding its range of security products by adding a virtual firewall for secure multi-tenant and cloud environments. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) - the industry's most widely installed firewall, with more than one million devices installed - will be available in virtual format: the new Cisco ASA 1000V cloud firewall. ASA offers the best firewall capabilities, comprehensive real-time threat protection, efficient, stable, highly secure remote access and comprehensive security for networks of all sizes. New IPS systems designed for data centers are added to the intrusion prevention (IPS) systems, while the new improved version of the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client program is presented, in order to meet the requirements of a more flexible and productive workforce.

The system of virtual applications and the increased dynamics of Cloud systems lead to the creation of significant changes within the data centers, influencing from information systems services to business models and infrastructure architecture. Proper implementation of solutions offers businesses benefits such as: reduced capital investment, increased revenue and greater efficiency, speed and flexibility. Operating under these principles, namely that security systems must be integrated across the network to ensure the protection of integrated data centers, Cisco believes that network policies must be integrated into both real and virtual environments. the intra-virtual communication machine is placed in secure frames and access to applications by users - whether working outside or within the company - includes the right security policy.

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