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Senior Maintenance Technician

• Practices a culture of wellbeing. 
• Communicates with proper creation or bundling staff influenced by work ventures. 
• Repairs and keeps up mechanical hardware and machines, for example, engines, transport lines, siphons, and creation machines. 
• Develops and leads continuous security preparing programs for general stockroom wellbeing just as utilization of mechanical fueled vehicles, for example, forklifts and scissor lifts. 
• Repairs electrical gear varying. 
• Develops and actualizes preventive upkeep plans and systems to guarantee solid gear activity. 
• Oversees and oversees different gear ventures (new and existing) including detail, acquirement, establishment, fire up and progressing activity. 
• Performs office support and fix obligations. Decides need and timetables in like manner to fit into the creation and bundling plan. 
• Establishes essential contact with and directs work of outside sellers that perform more confounded and concentrated activities or assignments. 
• Defines costs, timetables, and work required for all undertakings. 
• A reliably inspirational demeanor. 
• Experience with refreshment bundling lines, chillers, boilers, electrical, gas, and plumbing. 
• Analytical and exhaustive exploration aptitudes. 
• Excellent relational abilities – face to face and electronically. 
• Extremely efficient with an organized way to deal with a work plan. 
• Able to perform various tasks, track, and complete various simultaneous undertakings. 
• Persistent and zeroed in on jobs that needs to be done. 
• High-quality norms. 
• Has an inside and out specialized information on hardware, building, and electrical work. 
• High degree of mechanical inclination and experience. 
• Problem settling capacity to help right an issue on the spot and keep creation on time. 
• TIG and MIG welding experience liked.
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