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What does a technical solution architect do?

In a very simplified way, the software architect works to deliver value to the businesses of companies, customers, partners and employees.
Going further, this professional is responsible for ensuring that the guidelines of a software development project are followed, which are usually: quality of systems, organizational context, functionality, usability, performance, performance and low investment cost.  
With all these responsibilities, the software architect is the professional who is directly involved with more strategic than technical issues of an operation, because it seeks to understand how companies can perform better through the development of systems and applications. To deal with these demands, interpersonal skills such as leadership and people management are also welcome.
The main differential of the software architect, compared to other technology positions, is to prioritize the stage of solving a problem efficiently, while the other people on the team are focused on the implementation part. That is why it is so important that this professional has a vision directed to business. 
Architect roles
It is common to find different types of software architects in corporations, because it depends on the company's maturity - and also the professional's specialization. However, some functions are essential to perform this position, such as:
Defining the strategy and choosing the right technology for software development 
Selection of tools, codes, programming, systems and languages
Identification and understanding of company and business priorities
Decision making based on system design and limitations 
Review and test of the architectural pattern model
Teamwork with leaders from different areas 
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