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What is Corporate Architecture?

Architecture: It is the science and art of designing buildings according to certain dimensions and rules. It is derived from the root of "umr" (developing, enriching, building by building) in Arabic. In Latin, it derives from the "arche" (principle and priority) and "tecton" (craftsman) roots.
Corporate Architecture: It is a document that manages the relationship between the goals and strategies of the institution and IT systems and directs the technologies that should be used in the institution. The unit that creates this document is called the Corporate Architecture unit, and the person who creates it is called the corporate architect. The main function of the institutional architecture is to provide information and manage the objectives, structure, operation, systems used and technologies used in the systems. In this context, corporate architecture is not only responsible for managing the existing structure, but also for determining the IT infrastructure and creating projections that will support the future plans of the institution.
Contributing to the IT decision making process
To make the business processes distributed manually or automatically within the organization into an integrated and standards-compliant environment that responds quickly to changes and supports the implementation of strategies.
To balance the IT efficiency and innovations in business processes
Creating and maintaining the IT Inventory
To provide independent business units with a playground and competitive advantage within their own goals
Providing infrastructure for synergies between business units
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