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What is system administration?

System administration is a combination of activities aimed at monitoring and managing the organization's IT infrastructure. It is a much broader concept than the one we intuitively understand by the term "system". System administrators are not developers . Their task is to provide functionality, to guarantee the correct and appropriate operation of the network, depending on the type of applications, the number of users and support for business processes.

The business of a modern company is based on timely and accurate information that is today conditioned by the application of modern communication technology, which further emphasizes the importance of the system administrator. Processing and handling of information directly depends on the application of information technology, for which the computer network administrator is directly responsible.

The information system must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a system crash can have catastrophic consequences. The business of a company depends on the durability of the information system, which means that there must be a solid and clear plan and quality infrastructure.

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