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The computer services take care of everything related to the IT structure of companies. An organization that contracts computer services will have professionals who are qualified to carry out technical assistance, at the hardware and software level, on the IT infrastructure. Among the main functions that computer services perform we have:

Functionality tests : they comprise the testing tasks of the different software of the organization, to guarantee their good operation and adaptability to the company's processes.

Implementation and Documentation : it will help to implement or, if necessary, update everything related to the IT structure to try to ensure the growth of the company and increase the efficiency of its processes. After this implementation, the person in charge of these computer services must duly document and inform the company.

IT updates: the internal team of the company, in collaboration with the IT consultant, will determine which new updates are better suited to the company and its objectives.

Computer consulting in training: Technicians who provide computer services must train the company team. This work is important to grant autonomy and independence to the team.

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