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Job Description of the AWS Solutions Architect Role

AWS accreditation means "Amazon Web Services" affirmation. This is an expert IT capability demonstrating cloud aptitude utilizing these particular apparatuses. 

IT aces can achieve one of a few confirmations offered by Amazon by taking the important test. Tests are held at testing revolves situated far and wide. 

AWS is the most generally utilized cloud stage over the net, and one of the most far reaching. It offers more than 175 types of assistance to new companies, huge organizations, and government offices. These administrations identify with capacity, information base administration, IoT, security, and the sky is the limit from there 

With such a wide scope of administrations offered, and with countless prominent customers, AWS is a popular capability over a few IT jobs and perhaps the most ideal decision for those working in the field. 

The subtleties 

Should you choose AWS affirmation is for you, you should pick the particular testament you need to apply for. There are a few unique confirmations, which are sorted out into four distinct "ways." These ways are: 

Cloud Practitioner 




The "Cloud expert way" is focused on those hoping to build up an expansive comprehension of cloud advancements and the AWS cloud explicitly. This is helpful for chiefs and others hoping to get an expansive perspective.The "Modeler way" is focused on arrangements draftsmen and application configuration engineers. The "Designer way" is, obviously, focused on programming engineers

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Senior Business Architect Responsibilities

Accountable for a particular LOB, enterprise pillar or more than one segments, and excessive degree of complexity and attributesRecognized as pinnacle degree professional with great in-intensity and/or breadth of knowledge of their in a complicated subject and information of broader associated areas

Senior professional offering advisory offerings to executives, enterprise leaders and governs the necessities for personal workIntegrates information of the company feature’s or enterprise segment’s overarching approach in main applications and tasks inside one or greater regions of expertiseAnticipates rising enterprise tendencies and regulatory/hazard troubles as a foundation for recommending large-scale product, technical, useful or operations improvements

technical solution architect

Advises on execution approach and leads the improvement and deployment of useful applications or projects inside their personal subject or throughout more than one specialtiesSolves specific and ambiguous troubles with extensive effect; normally oversees standards, controls and running strategies which have great monetary and operational effect in the context in their personal field

Uses modern wondering to broaden new solutionsImpacts the technical or useful route and useful resource allocation of a part of an company feature or enterprise segmentEngages stakeholders to take action; Serves as a supply of professional advice, affects change; frames data in a broader organizational contextProvides management guidance, makes tips and collaborates with enterprise to make certain answers meets the enterprise desires on a complicated undertaking or programIdentifies and leads trouble decision for undertaking/application complicated necessities associated troubles in any respect levels

What is Corporate Architecture?

Architecture: It is the science and art of designing buildings according to certain dimensions and rules. It is derived from the root of "umr" (developing, enriching, building by building) in Arabic. In Latin, it derives from the "arche" (principle and priority) and "tecton" (craftsman) roots.
Corporate Architecture: It is a document that manages the relationship between the goals and strategies of the institution and IT systems and directs the technologies that should be used in the institution. The unit that creates this document is called the Corporate Architecture unit, and the person who creates it is called the corporate architect. The main function of the institutional architecture is to provide information and manage the objectives, structure, operation, systems used and technologies used in the systems. In this context, corporate architecture is not only responsible for managing the existing structure, but also for determining the IT infrastructure and creating projections that will support the future plans of the institution.
Contributing to the IT decision making process
To make the business processes distributed manually or automatically within the organization into an integrated and standards-compliant environment that responds quickly to changes and supports the implementation of strategies.
To balance the IT efficiency and innovations in business processes
Creating and maintaining the IT Inventory
To provide independent business units with a playground and competitive advantage within their own goals
Providing infrastructure for synergies between business units
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